Thursday, August 31, 2006

...Squidward Tentacles!

Some inked pages & thumbnails from an as-yet-unpublished project.
I am loath to say more, lest I get Monkey-Slapped.

It's pronounced "SPEEDER-min".

...Some pencils for a proposed Spidey/Prowler series written by my pal Kim "Howard" Johnson.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Friends Of Ol' Marvel

A few pages from my days at Merry Marvel.
Plenty more where these came from, lemme tell ya.


Or maybe that's a Space-Bassoon.
Concept art for an online RPG.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Supergirl, interrupted...

This was an experiment with Fractal Painter...
it's a clumsier interface than Photoshoppe,
but I loved some of the more intuitive effects.
Gotta try the more recent version of Corel Painter
& see if it's still as awkward...

More Nam-Tab Beyond...

The above was an audition for WB director Dan Riba;
the Sphinxy-Minx was Talia, introduced into the "future Gotham" storyline.
Eventually Timm & Co. DID re-introduce Talia, but in a much more disturbing & creepy manner...

Tune in today for...Batman Tomorrow!

Here's a storyboard from my time on "Batman Beyond"
( the WB was considering calling it "Batman Tomorrow" for a while..)
Good times.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

On Wings of Turkeys...

This concept's development paralleled, unbeknownst to me & my partners,
the development of the CGI cartoon "Valiant"...and, half-baked as I thought that movie
was, there was some merit to the initial concept. Ahh well...Hollywoodland always clusters three
submarine movies together, why not carrier-pigeon epic(s)? Great minds think alike...


Some animation's where Gilligan lives. Or Mowgli.
Or maybe that guy in the gorilla suit who terrorizes the Stooges when they're making that Caveman picture.
If only I could remember...

Stick it to the Man.

More concept art from Dick Stick.
Colored by the esteemed Bradley "Vegan" Gibbs, painter extra-ordinaire.

Unpublished Works

These are artifacts of the late '90's...
Dick Stick, a.k.a "The Stick Detective".
I'd still like to see this get published in some form...someday.

Girevoy Ho!

I bid you a cheese fondue.

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